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2024 Fun Cup Agreement/Indemnity

Please enter the date of the track or test day you will be attending

Motorsport is dangerous and participation may result in severe injury or death.

You must read and agree to the following declaration and paragraphs below which are designed to create a legally binding relationship in return for your being allowed to participate.

You and [JPR Motorsport Limited ("JPR")]

[JPR] agrees to hire a car to you for the Track Day/Test Day on the following conditions:

1. [JPR] provide a car, which to the best of its knowledge is eligible to use on the Track/Test day and meets with current regulations.

2. JPR cannot be held responsible for the following during the event:-

2.1. Mechanical failure
2.2. Accident damage
2.3. Stoppages due to red flags etc
2.4. Circuit delays, beyond its control

3. You are responsible for any damage caused to the car both mechanical and bodywork, other than normal wear and tear and unless informed to the contrary.

4. You are responsible for any damage caused to the car both mechanical and bodywork, if You are being driven by an instructor or instructed while you drive, other than normal wear and tear and unless informed to the contrary.

5. You are responsible for any mechanical damage caused through misuse, e.g. driving the car whilst overheating, low oil pressure, etc.

6. Motor racing/testing is a dangerous sport, therefore, JPR cannot be held responsible for any injury sustained, however caused.

7. In consideration of being accepted to take part in the event/activity, You agree to save harmless and keep indemnified JPR and its officials, servants, representatives and agents from and against all actions, claims, costs, expenses and demands howsoever caused, arising out of or in connection with You taking part in this event/activity and not withstanding that the same may have been contributed to or occasioned by the negligence of JPR, its officials, servants, representatives or agents.

8. You declare that to the best of your knowledge and belief you are physically able to take part in the event/activity and are not suffering from any permanent or temporary ailment or disability, which may adversely affect your ability to take part. You also declare that your eyesight (with lenses or spectacles if required) is adequate for track use. You are not taking any drugs (prescribed or otherwise), which you know will or could adversely affect your ability to control the vehicle you will be using, nor will you participate in the event action whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

9. You accept that you shall be solely responsible for any decision as to your fitness to participate in the event and whether to continue to drive any vehicle, at any time, whilst in your possession or under your control. You also accept that your own motor, third party and public liability insurance (if any) is unlikely to cover you for your losses, liabilities or personal injury.

10. By taking part you accept the risks involved including the risk of damage, loss, personal injury or death.

11. You are aware and accept that other participants will be on the circuit at the same time.

12. I have read, understood and will comply with the regulations and Final Instructions for the event given by the organiser and/or venue organiser.

I have read and agree with the above Declaration and Indemnity and agree that its terms will also apply to my participation in any future track/test day organised by JPR, unless I sign a subsequent Declaration and Indemnity, which will then take precedence.

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