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Our car hire options for new customer test days

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We run track days year round at all the major UK circuits. Anyone from complete novices to experienced professionals are welcome to come and try out one of our cars.

  • £995 + VAT for a full morning/full afternoon
  • £1850 + VAT for a full day (Single Seater)
  • £1995 + VAT for a full day (Twin Seater)

What’s typically included

What’s NOT included

Our friendly team will be there to provide you with advice and tips and there will be refreshments available in the pit garage all day. It’s great fun!

Single or Twin Seater Cars Available

Twin Seater

Looking for the perfect car for tuition? Look no further! The twin seater Fun Cup car is perfect for drivers looking to up their game away from the race weekend. The twin seater Fun Cup car gives the same incredible feedback and responsiveness as a single seater car whilst allowing for an instructor to sit alongside you.

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Single Seater

Our single seater Fun Cup car is the ultimate choice for drivers aiming to enhance their skills outside of race weekends. This single seater Fun Cup car delivers unparalleled feedback and responsiveness, mirroring the experience of professional racing, but tailored for solo driving, ensuring a focused and immersive learning environment.

Book A Professional Driving Instructor

Book one of our registered instructors if you want some help with your race craft and to improve your skills. You can hire the twin-seater and learn with one-on-one tuition using our intercom systems, or you can improve with the video VBOX systems and the help of our trained VBOX instructor. 

There are many options available, depending on what suits you the best! Our instructors’ prices vary, depending on the length of time you want to spend with them and circuit location.

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Car Info

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Engine Size

Ultra Reliable 1.8Ltr



Sadev Sequential

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Frequently Asked Questions

For a track day, all you need is a driving licence and a crash helmet (we can provide a crash helmet if you don’t own one). However, if you are 16 years of age, we do require you to have an adult racing license. Test days require a current race licence.

A track day is a fantastic place to test out a road or race car for the first time. Drivers are only allowed to overtake each other on the straights, and only when allowed to pass so you don’t have to worry about drivers overtaking you into the corners. Most of the track days that we take part in are open pit lane format. This means that you can take your car on and off the track when you please and enjoy the day.

Track day costs vary circuit to circuit. However, they are always at their cheapest during the winter months and tend to get more expensive as the race season begins. Expect to pay between £129 and £349 for a track day booking.

We’d advise getting to the circuit for 8am. This will give you time to grab a coffee, and complete sign on before the mandatory track day briefing starts.

On most track days there will be a noise limit of either 98 or 105 decibels. This can either be done whilst stationary, taken 1m from your exhaust, or it can be done as a ‘drive by. This is where they take a noise reading whilst you are out on the circuit.

All of our Fun Cup cars comply with the various UK circuit noise limits.

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