Giti Tire, headquartered in Singapore, stands as a global leader in the tire industry, offering an extensive portfolio of high-quality tires and services. With a distribution network spanning over 130 countries, Giti Tire is recognized among the top tire manufacturers worldwide.

Our commitment to excellence and innovation ensures we meet the diverse needs of customers globally, reinforcing our position as a trusted name in the tire sector.



Gala Performance specializes in providing top-tier pop-up motorsport tents, catering to the needs of drivers and teams seeking professional-grade shelter solutions.

We also offer comprehensive customization options to ensure your tent perfectly meets your specifications and brand identity. Discover the ideal blend of functionality and style with Gala Performance.

Joyce Design

Joyce Design, a premier name in the UK for branding solutions, boasts a skilled team with over 20 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and installing vehicle graphics, signage, and unique project graphics.

We pride ourselves on our dedication to delivering consistently outstanding service, underpinned by our passion for transforming ideas into visually striking graphics that speak volumes.

GT Radial

With over 70 years of expertise in crafting quality tires, GT Radial stands out for its comprehensive range of tires suited for nearly every type of passenger vehicle.

Our focus is on ensuring superior performance in all driving conditions, aiming to provide a seamless and enjoyable driving experience for all. Trust GT Radial to elevate your journey with unmatched reliability and fun on the road


With a legacy spanning over a century, Mintex Racing brakes have earned the trust and respect of the motorsport community through rigorous testing and unmatched performance.

Our brakes have powered drivers and iconic vehicles to championship victories across diverse terrains—from the hillclimbs of Yorkshire to the historic tracks of Silverstone and the demanding Welsh forests.

FUCHS, the world’s premier independent lubricant manufacturer, boasts a rich German heritage and has been at the forefront of lubricant innovation and production for 90 years.

Their extensive product lineup includes more than 10,000 items across six major categories, including automotive and industrial lubricants, lubricating greases, metal processing lubricants, special application lubricants, and a suite of related services.

Chris Hartley Media

Our team of broadcast production specialists, motorsport commentators, voice-over artists, live streaming experts, promotional creators, scriptwriters, and social media content curators excel in bringing events to life.

We meticulously develop content that is not only slick and engaging but also creative and effective in showcasing our clients and sponsors. Let us help elevate your brand with content that resonates and captivates.