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Following the success of running their own team in 2019, for the first time, FNS and 2 Rent Domino’s will be back for 2020 with a striking new look and both cars will be running under the name of Makehappen Racing.

The 2018 champions will still run as car 106, 2 Rent Domino’s, and car 212 will now run as Make Racing Happen. Both cars have gone through a full winter rebuild and will be back with Ben Trossell running the team, alongside the same 2019 pit crew.

Chris and Henry (Batman and Robin), will be back as their usual two man team and will be fighting to regain the number 1, which they are only lending to UVio for one year.

Hart, said: “We’ve flown the whole team and pit crew out to a boot camp in a secret location just before Christmas, where we have all been on an SAS style bootcamp. It won’t just be the cars that look spectacular this year, our bodies will be absolutely ripped.”

Steve and Greg will be back for what is now their fourth season and will be pushing hard for that first podium, after coming so close many times in 2019; they too will be fighting for the top spot in the championship.

Walton, said: “We are definitely not messing about this year and won’t be taking any prisoners. If that Spider Man comes near me, he’s going to get stood on!”.

The question is, will 2 Rent Domino’s regain their title and will Make Racing Happen reach that so far elusive podium position!?

Both cars will certainly be ones to watch this year!