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GT Radial has confirmed that they will be returning to the grid with their “trusty JPR 97”. A keen eye will notice a slight livery design update, showing the new GT Radial Sport Active 2 tread pattern, across the car.

GT’s Martin Gibson, said: “We have also added some blue bits where the red bits were, as the red bits didn’t feel as fast as they should have been in 2020! “

He added: “Ellis Hadley will be captain of the ship once again, to guide our various guest drivers taking part at each round. Ellis’s proposed invitation list consisted solely of sexy women from social media, but we felt this wasn’t in the best interest for GT Radial and also, potentially unsafe for them to be left alone with him in the pit garage.”

Gibson confirmed that they have actually taken a different approach to the previous GT Radial dealers and partners as guests, and are equally excited for 2021.

Further details will be released throughout the year. Watch this space!