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MJ Tec Giti will be starting their first season of the Fun Cup Endurance Championship in 2021, running car 61. The father-son (owner-driver) team has plenty of race experience, having been former Mini Cooper S Class Champions and more recently having completed a successful year in the Euro Nascar series.

Supporting Scott Jeffs at the wheel will be Martin Gibson, who now has a few Fun Cup seasons under his belt and is aiming to bring in some endurance knowledge to the team.

Martin Gibson, said: “So it’s Martin, the British Truck Racer and Scott, the Nascar Driver…….. a good combination for Fun Cup? Surely! Maybe. Get the gaffer tape ready!”

The team will receive support from Giti Tire for 2021, so keep an eye out for the unmistakable Giti livery, which is soon to be completed.