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About a Taster Session

We run a small number of taster days throughout the year, predominantly over the winter months. These are for drivers who have never driven a Fun Cup car before and want to see what all the fuss is about before jumping into their first Fun Cup Endurance race.

  • From £295 + VAT
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What’s typically included

What’s NOT included

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Single Seater

Our single-seater Fun Cup car is the ultimate choice for drivers aiming to enhance their skills outside of race weekends. This single-seater Fun Cup car delivers unparalleled feedback and responsiveness, mirroring the experience of professional racing, but tailored for solo driving, ensuring a focused and immersive learning environment.

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Car Info

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Engine Size

Ultra Reliable 1.8Ltr



Sadev Sequential

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, a standard UK driving licence is all that’s needed. We recommend you bring your own crash helmet but we can provide them if needed. 

The only exception to the above is if you are 16 years of age – in which case, we do require you to have an adult racing license.

You only need to bring:-

  • A valid UK driving licence (racing licence if your 16yrs old).
  • A crash helmet (we can provide a crash helmet if you don’t own one).

We run 4 drivers per car on a taster day. The drivers will take turns, swapping every 20 minutes. Each driver should receive 3 x 20 minute sessions throughout the day.

You may choose to have an accident damage waiver, however this is optional.

Costs for this are listed on the taster day page.

Yes, absolutely you may take as many photos/video’s as you like.

There is a VBOX in every car too, so as long as you bring your SD card along then you can record some of your driving too!

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