Car 111

GCI Racing are signed up for another year in the Fun Cup and hoping to build on their consistent top 10 finishing record from last year.

Craig Butterworth and Ian Wood will be using the 111 car – the first ever race winner in the UK Fun Cup when it started back in 2002. The car is prepared and managed by Grahame Butterworth who brought the race series to this country and put in place the groundwork which has gone on to such success.

Says Grahame: “We had great reliability last year and some great pace which gave us our best position of 6th. Now we are working on a few tweaks to move us towards the podium. We have won before and we would like to do it again!”

Looking back he added: “When we launched the series at Rockingham 18 years ago it set a totally new trend in British motorsport and it is great to see how far it has progressed over the years – yet still retains the basic feature of close, competitive, equal racing on a sensible budget.”