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Fun Cup is delighted to welcome new team, Makehappen Racing, to the championship.  Chris Walton, younger brother of Fun Cup front-runner, Stephen Walton, bought car 49 from Paul Rose about 6 weeks ago and has since rebuilt it from scratch.

Chris, who owns Makehappen Group with Stephen and Chris Hart, already knows some of the drivers personally through Chris and his brother, as well as from taking part in the virtual championship. 

Chris, said: “I’ve never raced before competitively, but done some track days etc. Chris and Stephen have been giving me some pointers, which have been ‘send it’ and ‘if you haven’t damaged it you’re not trying’. As you can see, very much practical advice.”

He added: “I have Harry Mailer to drive with me for the rest of the season, so I can benefit from the mentoring of a fast/experienced driver and hopefully he can show me where I’m going wrong. Both myself and Harry are looking forward to the partnership and as long as I keep the car in one piece, he might want to do it all again the following year.”

Race Co-ordinator, Roxie Marandi, said: “Fun Cup is a great championship to start in! The competition and the people are some of the best! Enjoy!”