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Agua Caliente has confirmed they will be be entering two cars for the 2021 season.

207, which has undergone a major overhaul and is ready to race, will be driven by Rob Croydon, Paul Turner and Dereck Basham. The drivers will run in pairs and will swap/change drivers, depending on availability for each race.

The team is looking forward to some great racing and hope that many teams are able to enter without too much COVID interference.

Rob Perry, said: “171, which will be driven by Rob and Matt (again), is still in the workshop. We need a few more welding rods, fibreglass, filler and paint before this car will be ready! But, we have an extra few weeks, so it should be finished”.

He added: “We will be trying very hard to get into that elusive top 3 this year (we are no longer newbie’s) and we qualify for the masters, which is a more scary concept than running within inches of 212. My message to Steve and Greg, ‘slow down a bit, no need to rush’.”