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2 Rent Dominos’ Chris Hart & Henry Dawes have confirmed their plans to defend their 2018 Fun Cup title.


Chris Hart, said: “After only just missing out on the title for a number of years, we were delighted to have finally claimed the top spot in 2018. We will be back, taking it as seriously as usual, for the 2019 season & will be aiming to stay at the top. Sadly, we will not have Track Torque with us this year, but will be running the car alongside team mates FNS.”


He added: “Henry has spent the winter altitude training in his kilt up in the Scottish highlands, whilst I have been attending yoga classes, which apparently can help you brake later and make you more aware of your pit lane speed. Henry will be missing for a couple of rounds this year, so I will be joined by multiple time cadet kart champion Neil (Sparky) Buroughs; the only man to be given dispensation to still race in cadets in his 40’s, due to his height.”


He concluded: “Generally, we will be racing to the rule ‘to finish 1st, 1st you must have enough fuel’…”