Team Drivers — 3

Chris Weatherill

Chris Dovell

Kristian Rose

Team Bio

A new team for 2019 brings together Kristian Rose, Chris Weatherill and Chris Dovell (the 3 Chris’s) in the 267 car. Apparently, their chief mechanic is also called Chris so there will be no confusion there then!

Chris Weatherill started racing in 1993. After a few years off, he returned to racing in 2008, completing a full season in the Fun Cup. Every year since then he has run cars, managed teams and/or raced in the Fun Cup.

2018 saw a brief retirement, which lasted a full 6 weeks, before he was back out racing again. He has committed to the 2019 Championship and is looking forward to being able to concentrate on just the driving for this year. After several 4th place finishes in recent years, he is looking to make the step up to the podium.

Kristian Rose has competed in Fun Cup for 13 years doing a couple of races per season and instructing new drivers who join the JPR Motorsport team.

Now taking part in a full season with Chris Dovell and Chris Weatherill, in a competitive JPR car, he is hoping to be challenging for the podium on a regular basis.

Aside from motorsport, Kris is a keen triathlete, but will be ensuring that this calendar fits in around racing in the Fun Cup and not the other way around.

Chris Dovell completed the last 2 seasons in the Fun Cup championship with Team 7 racing. In his first full season, they finished in a respectable 8th place in the championship and then in 2018 they managed two podium finishes and an overall championship position of 6th.

2019 sees him join forces with two very experienced racers, Kristian Rose and Chris Weatherill forming a new team called Axiametrics. He hopes that this new team can be challenging for wins right from the start and that the past consistency shown by all 3 drivers will mean that they are in the mix for the championship at the end of the season.

Away from racing Chris loves mountaineering, off-piste skiing and joining his wife in her passion of scuba diving.

Chris runs a fund call the Spell Fund that provides property developers with risk/equity capital for mainly residential developments.   


Team Stat List

Full Team Name Axiametrics
Car Number No. 267
Car Type Petrol
Gearbox Type Sequential

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