Are You New To Driving A Racing Car?

Are You New To Driving A Racing Car?

Would you love to be racing in a Fun Cup Endurance car?

1. Come and have a go in a Fun Cup Endurance Car!

We recommend you have a go in a Fun Cup on one of our track days, even if you don’t yet have your race licence! All you need is a driving licence!

Once you have done this, we are sure you will catch the racing bug! So, next you will need your race licence (if you don’t already have it) and then you will be ready to race!

2. Obtain your race licence

At Fun Cup UK (JPR) we make it as easy as possible for you to obtain your race licence. You will need a medical and to complete a theory and a practical test too. We can arrange these for you and you can complete them all in one day. If you pass, you will walk away as a race licence holder and will then be able to take part in your first Fun Cup Endurance race!

3. Your first race

Feeling nervous about your first race? Don’t!

One of the great things about Fun Cup Endurance Championship is that you receive so much seat time for your money, which means that newcomers have plenty of time to learn their race craft. If you hire from us, JPR, you will have exclusive testing on the Friday before the race (usually a few hours which is split between the other two drivers in the car), plus 45 minutes of qualifying on race day (again, split between the drivers in your team), the race is usually a MINIMUM of 4 hours split between the drivers. You will have so much seat time, so you will learn much faster than you would in a season of 20 minute sprint races!

What’s more, the Fun Cup paddock is incredibly friendly and if you speak to any of the other teams, they will be happy to provide you with tips and advice. As a JPR hire driver, you will also be involved with a team which has been preparing and running cars in the championship, since its UK inception in 2002. In fact, we are the only non-Belgian team to ever win the Spa 25 hour race outright. So, we can help you as much as you need!

There are various rental packages available for the novice driver. Please see the ‘Rental Drives’ page for more details. Alternatively, we can put you in touch with other established Fun Cup teams, who can also offer rental packages. Another option, is to buy a new, or second-hand car and we can find a team to run it for you, or you can run it yourself!

Just call the office and ask to speak to Paul or Kris.