Croft 2019

Sat May 18th 2019 Race Event

On Saturday 18th May, 24 teams will compete in a 5 hour race!

  • Circuit entry is from any time on Thursday 16th May.
  • Entry tickets & vehicle passes can be collected from Roxie at the circuit on Thursday, or Friday.

** Croft Testing – Friday **

Group 1 starts the day at 9.30 am, this group includes Fun Cup cars, which have booked extra testing.

Group 1 is also out at 10.30 am, 1.10 pm & 2.50 pm. They are 30 minute sessions.

  • The Fun Cup exclusive sessions are 11.30 am, 2.10 pm & 3.50 pm.
  • There will be a mandatory briefing at 11 am on Saturday in the room next to sign on.