Car 107 £19,500

Exceptionally well maintained front running FunCup car 107

Petrol Engine

Sadev Sequential Gearbox with Auto-blipper

New engine and ancillaries ie alternator, fuel pump, distributor, oil pump,

Exhaust, carburettor, clutch complete, flywheel, oil radiator etc etc ( 2 meetings old)

Clerk of coarse interrupter box with clerk to pit also (no radio)

New fuel lines throughout

New front uprights

New Battery

New rear wheel bearings

All new front and rear bodywork throughout season

Lightly repaired front right and rear left wings (as you can see on photo if you look closely)


1 Front right wing (new)

1 Rear left wing (new)

1 Set Braid alloys with almost new tyres

1 Bonnet complete with splitter

1 Fuel Churn with stand

1 exhaust

1 engine mount

1 front splitter (new)

1 blown up engine (not cost effective to repair but with all ancillaries as above).

Tilton brake adjuster cable with twist knob

1 Brake master cylinder

1 Clutch master cylinder

1 gearbox potentiometer

1 Rear fog light

4 New body clip plates (new)

1 Fan belt (new)

4 Oil filters (new)



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