Car 246 – SOLD

Car 246 – SOLD

Up for sale is car 246, if you don’t know about Fun Cup, the racing number of the car is dictated by the build number of the car, it stays with it for life.  This is a fairly late build car, which has done very little racing.  When I purchased the car in late 2018, the car had done one season of racing in Fun Cup UK only, then parked up for several years.  During that time the rules and regulations had moved on the car was out of spec for current regulations.

In 2018 / 2019 the car was updated to current championship spec including fitting a new sequential Sadev gearbox, new paddle clutch, new driveshafts and gear selector with display.  In addition, the engine was removed and refreshed by JPR Motorsport, the Fun Cup championship organisers.   In 2018 and 2019 approximately 5 test days were carried out whilst we learnt how to set up the car and get the best out of the tyres.  Once we were finally ready, we committed to the final two rounds of the 2019 season, Silverstone National and Oulton Park International.    Silverstone resulted in a 7th place finish out of a grid of 26 car grid.  A solid effort for our first ever event, especially as we were on a terrible strategy.  We led much of the opening stint of the race, and came away with team of the day.  At our second event, we were front runners for the whole event, until hour three when we lost a radiator hose and overheated the engine.  Since then the engine has gone back to JPR for complete overhaul and has done zero miles since.

New components that have been fitted ready for the 2020 season.

Recaro SPG seat (2019)

Fire extinguisher system 4ltr (2019)

Sparco endurance belts, with special quick release latch and upside-down adjusters (2019)

Autotel radio system, Fun Cup interrupter box with clerk radio system (2019)

Sadev sequential gearbox, AP clutch & driveshafts (2018), approximately 10 hrs of use from new

Pitlane speed limiter system (2019)

Zero hour engine with exhaust heat shield wrapping (2020)

New radiator and water hoses (2020)

New wheel bearings x 4 (2020)

AP brake x2 and clutch master cylinders (2019)

Tilton adjustable brake bias bar with remote adjuster (2019)

8 x Braid alloy wheels (2019)

Weber carburettor (2020)

New splitter x 2 (2020)

TRZ ignition wiring loom (2020)

Other parts that I can’t remember, but I will check back through all the receipts and update.


The car needs for nothing, its ready to compete in any round of Fun Cup in 2020 or 2021.  All parts are legal with barcodes and seals intact ready for scrutineering.  The car is offered with a very generous spares package.

Spare bonnet with splitter


4 x wheels

Wishbones with bushes

Steering rack

Brake disks new

Brake pads new

Engine and gearbox oils as recommended by JPR.

Fuel churns x 2 with stand

Team member high vis bibs for the pitlane

Crew chief head set for talking to the car

Front splitters, both genuine JPR and testing only non-legal items

2 x standard manual original JPR sealed gearboxes and selector rods

4 x steel original racing wheels

Full sets of soft, medium and hard racing springs

Probably other stuff that I can’t remember, everything we have Fun Cup related goes with the car, lock stock and barrel.

If you are new to Fun Cup and need a hand on a test day, I am sure we can come along and give you a hand on your first outing included in the asking price.