Team Drivers — 3

Mark Jaffray

Martin Lanting

Bob Herber

Team Bio

111 holds a special place in the affections of the members of Jolly Roger Racing, as they enjoyed their first ever race in 111, as a JPR rental team at Brands Hatch in June 2009. This was just five days after passing their ARDS tests.

One year later, 111 was acquired by the team to become Jolly Roger Black, the “evil twin” of the then new and pure 257, Jolly Roger White. After a pretty disastrous first season, 111 achieved a string of strong results in 2011, particularly its 1st and 2nd at Anglesey.

Team Stat List

Full Team Name Jolly Roger Black
Car Number No. 111
Car Type Petrol
Gearbox Type Sequential

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