Team Drivers — 3

Graham Butterworth

Craig Butterworth

Ian Wood

Team Bio

Grahame Butterworth has 50 years experience within motorsport from grass roots to WEC and F1.

He also brought Fun Cup to the UK in 2002.

He is the winner of events and championships from autotests, rallies and trials to car and kart racing.

He developed the electric car racing series and also has ten plus years of Radical experience. On top of this, he has been a Co-ordinator for the TKM kart series for past 20 plus years. He is a previous Fun Cup race winner and has also had a Spa podium.

Craig Butterworth is a championship winning driver in karting. He also won a Fun Cup race in 2005 and had a podium at Spa. He then moved to Radicals where he achieved podiums and ‘Driver of the Day’ awards.

Ian Wood competed in one Fun Cup race in 2003  where he finished 4th with Graham and Craig.



Team Stat List

Full Team Name GCI Racing
Car Number No. 111
Car Type Petrol
Gearbox Type Sequential

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