Team Drivers — 4

Rob Perry

Derek Basham

Dave Clarke

Matt Hogg

Team Bio

The team has no racing experience in cars.

Rob raced boats with Derek in the 90’s. They won the off shore circuit series in 2000 with 18ft race boats. Rob has also attended a great deal of track days in cars & on race motor bikes.

Derek has raced boats & is extremely good at high speed off shore. He also raced a season in Dubai in 6 litre off-shore.

Dave is an excellent kart racer. He raced in the nationals many years ago.

Matt has a great deal of experience on motorcycles and has taken part in many track days. He is an extremely capable driver.

Team Stat List

Full Team Name Agua Caliente
Car Number No. 171
Car Type Petrol
Gearbox Type Sequential